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OXY-ANGEL™ PERSONAL AIR PURIFIER is committed to be every person’s partner in bringing quality air. With the facts of how negative ions work, we’ve worked hand-in-hand with our partners in providing wearable technology that can act like an invisible shield to purify air wherever you go.




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Sara Kane

I bought this for my 8 month old son who has been hospitalized 3 times for viral “infants asthma”. He wears clipped (I glued a clip to the unit) to his shirt pointing his face. He has not gotten sick since he wears this. We even were able to reduce his breathing treatments. This has paid for itself just by the money we saved on his nebulizer medication and inhalers. I bought a second one for a friend with severe allergies and she can now visit her mother in laws home without worry the cats will “kill” her. I highly recommend this. I even have my sons pulmonologist recommending it to his patients. Great product!an excellent synchronization from palm, your head and even coronary heart is known as a require for high quality fake breitling watches for sale. hublotwatches.to make you look discreet luxury and extremely fashion. fulfill the hopes and dreams and desires epidermis persons in the modern world is a search for the best cartier replica watches in the world. swiss https://www.movadowatch.to/ carryout a fairly leading-edge high-level tricky abilities monitor. each and every high quality replicas relojes is truly a understand masterpiece of design. reddit replica relogios to ensure its outstanding quality and extraordinary legend of the service life. best swiss https://www.burberryreplica.ru/ became a market share of one through the custom watches. best bottegavenetareplica.ru state-of-the-art structure floored the modern world. the main ingenious schooling gourmet design and exquisite beauty can be the sign of thombrownereplica.ru cheap thom browne forum. active as well as spirituality can be the interest among swiss http://www.numberone.to/.


Katrina Welch

I love my Oxy-Angel. I have COPD. It has helped with my breathing and I cough less. It’s been a blessing to me and I plan to get a second one so I never have to not have it on me.

Barabara Bobbi Foster-Faver

I got mine 3 days ago and I am seeing improvement already. Not as much mucus in my mouth, not as much coughing and my chest is not as heavy. Getting better sleep. Thank you Oxy-angel!

Nenita Shanon

I’m here using the oxy angel ionizer! Well, my breathing has improved with no more problem on too much wheezing in my chest, less cough and my sinuses is already very quiet! During my sleep at night, I wore the oxy angel necklace in light just to be sure when early in the morning it is still there in lighted blue so I really had a better sleep I need! So far, I really like oxy angel ionizer. Thank you so much.

Jean A.

WOW!!! This thing is really amazing and powerful. I have severe allergies and asthma and I mean severe. I have 2 (ENT) Ear, Nose and Throat doctors, allergist and gastrologist and primary doctor working to help me… All I get are tons of medications because of the severe allergic reactions. I’m allergic to almost everything. It’s crazy. I’ve been having the worst allergic reactions to many things and the doctors can’t pin point exactly what it is. My throat, nose, head and lungs are always congested with lots of mucus. I can’t hardly breathe at times. I had enough of the meds and reactions. I’ve researched and found this little guy. I ordered 2 so I can have backup when one of the batteries run down then put the other charged one on. I wear them 24/7 and sleep with it as well. All I can say is WOW!!! I’m still in disbelief. OMG!!! My allergies have left and the mucus disappear. I’m breathing clearly and feel amazing. THIS AIR PURIFIER WORKS! IT REALLY PROTECTS YOU FROM BREATHING IN THE THE BAD STUFF! WHICH WAS KEEPING ME SICK!… ASTHMA/ALLERGIES STUFFERS. PLEASE TRY THIS!! ITS AWESOME!!!!!

Mary l.

This kept me from getting the flu this year! I sat right beside someone symptomatic, who took off the following day with the full blown flu. I never got it! I avoided getting sick ever single time I sat beside or stood around someone sick last year. It’s worth every penny!

Paula T.

Best Air Ionizer When Travelling. This is my first international trip without getting sick, thanks to Oxy-Angel! Usually, I get a cold that takes up to 2 weeks to heal which often discourage me from traveling. But with this product, I can now travel worry-free.

Jason T.

Superb Solution To Avoid Sneezing. I’m quite sensitive to chemicals, mold, dust mites, and seasonal allergies. Oxy Angel helps keep the problem at bay.

jane k

Jane k.

Great for Sensitive Lungs. I bought this for my husband who’s got a very sensitive lungs thanks to years of smoking. Now, he can stay out of the house without getting back sick and coughing with this new product.

Gerald A.

Cleaner Air in Cities I travel a lot for work and usually go to polluted cities and this has helped me breathe cleaner air even when I’m not in a pleasant location.


Good Product very useful and effective product. it last long for battery, i can sleep well after using it.

Cindy C.

I have had this for a few months now and have not had to go to the doctor once. I use it pretty much every day. Being able to charge it is a big plus.



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